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The Best of 2021

I looked at the posts, videos, reels that I shared on social media in 2021 and your most likes, views, engagements, ...

I have created this special offer


on every "BEST" of 2021:

from 5 to 30% off!

The offer ends on the 7th of January at 12 noon Irish Time!

The Best Calming Tips

  • The Most Viewed Video:

The 3 Things that Makes Me Calm - Calming Video from March 2021.

  • The Best Moment of Art:

The Magnolias at Ardgillan Castle, which inspired "Here for the long run"

Moment of Art 211102 (8).png
  • The Best Quote:

"Life is Not a Marathon" by Clémence Prosen, which has now become an illustration on poster, tot bags, and pillows.

**order by clicking on 'buy now' is made separetaly than any other products on this page, with a different basket.