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Blossom in 2022


The Ultimate Workbook to set your goals for the New Year!

Do you want to transform your dreams, from blurred visions in your mind to concrete and achievable goals?

With the Workbook 'Blossom in 2022', you will be able to reflect on who you are and what you want and make a steady plan easy to follow and execute in a calm and unstressful way. 

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Hi! I am Clémence!

I am an artist-entrepreneur, project manager-coach, creator of Calm Space and a calm life advocate.

I have had some tough moments in my life, due to work-related stress and grief. I have decided last year to leave my corporate job and create my own creative business.

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Working for myself is not always easy and I have applied my project management skills to my own life and business by setting goals and creating an accountability system for me, to make sure I will reach my dreams and have the life I want while keeping a serene life/

I want now to share with you and help you with. I want people to be happier with their life, to feel calm and blossom to their true selves, to have a life journey that fits with who they are and what they want.

This is why I have created this workbook, to support you at the beginning of the year, not to be a better self, but your truer self and help you to reach your dreams!

What you Can Expect

- 20-pages with worksheets to reflect on 2021, reflect on you, your life balance and satisfaction, your dreams and project yourself in 2022.
- Tools to support you in visualising your goals, planning them and executing them.
- Facebook Group Calm Space, with Video Series to explain how to use the worksheet and answer your questions.


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