Every year, on the 1rst of January, people take new resolutions, we talk about “better version of ourselves”. You may have already received tons of e-mails about new-year challenges.

The only ‘challenge’ I will advise you to take is not a challenge, it’s just live this life without regrets and what-ifs, to take more time for yourself, to be happy with yourself as you are (not the supposed 2.0 version) and be present, to acknowledge how you feel, what you think and let it go. Just a few minutes per day will already have a big impact.

As you may know, if you need more support, I have already different tools to help you finding calm in your days:

  • focusing on your body, senses and feeling, with:

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  • building a calm space, with my CHECKLIST on how to Create a Calm Space in your Home, step-by-step

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