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Frequently Asked Questions:


Does the painting come with a frame?


There are two cases:

- The painting is already framed and I only sell it framed. In the title of the product, "Framed Oil Painting" is mentioned. The price of the frame is already included. There is a photo of the painting already framed.

- The painting is not already framed. You have the option to buy the painting framed or unframed. You can choose the option in the shop. It is usually around 60-70€ to frame it, and it will take me about 2-3 weeks to get it framed and shipped, depending on the availability of my framer.

The frame is a white wooden frame.

For standard edge canvases, the frame will be the same than on the first photo.

Some of my paintings of the Food is Life are on deep edge canvases, with painted edges. I frame them on boxes with a space to leave the edge visible (second photo)














Is the shipment cost included in the price?

For shipment within Ireland, the shipment is FREE !

For any other countries, prices varies with the weight and the country.

In the shop, the additional cost will appear at the end when you validate your order.

How is the painting shipped?

I use Art Box Worldwide. Art Box protects artwork for international shipping, they are a company based in Ireland, they created special boxes to ship artwork and they take care of the shipment as well.

How do I hang the painting on the wall?

The easiest way to hang your unframed painting on the wall is to make sure you have two nails placed evenly at about ¼ and ¾ of the painting’s width in the wall. Make sure that they are at the exact same height (for best result use a spirit level). Then you just place the painting over these two nails and enjoy the result.

If you choose the framed option, it will come with a hanging cord behind, so you can use one nail.

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