Green Friday


Green Friday is an initiative that aims to combat mass consumerism by supporting small independent Irish Businesses. Connecting local businesses together so that they can work and support each otherShow your Love for Local!

Green Friday is about raising awareness around collective community, climate action and bring communities together in a wholesome supportive way, with meet the crafters events, tree-planting actions, nature walks, swap shops, etc.

To Join the Movement, this Green Friday Weekend, I have 2 OFFERS for my local and my far-away customers:

* for Online Purchases, I have :

a tree-planting offer for you for every order

in collaboration with Mossy Earth


15% discount on 20 paintings.

* for Locals, I am exhibiting at St Stephen Green, Dublin, this weekend, at lower prices.

One Online Order
= One Native Tree  Planted
Events_ tree planting.jpg

If you pass an order on my website of any product (paintings, calendars, cards),

I will plant a native tree in your name,


with Mossy Earth

as part of their project Foraois,

to build a native woodland in Co. Clare, Ireland

You will receive a photo of the tree and its localisation

This offer is until the 8th of December

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise on a mission to bring back wilderness in Europe.

Their aim is to connect you with rewilding and reforestation in a whole new way, with immersive digital experiences ensuring complete transparency on the outcomes and impact.

They only plant native tree species to build richly biodiverse forests, not invasive species nor mono-cultures. They are committed to replacing any trees that are lost in the first few years after planting. The right tree, at the right place, with the right management.

They set target of 1 million trees by the end of 2020.

When you order one of my art piece on my website, I will plant a native tree in your name in Ireland as part of their project Foraois. You will receive a photo and GPS location of your tree.

Project Foraois

Ireland was once the most densely forested country in Europe, now it is the least. Its once rich woodlands, were prized for the construction of cathedrals, the reconstruction after London's Great Fire and naval fleets. To compound matters, Ireland today has witnessed a misguided reliance on non-native monocultures of conifer species driven by lucrative government incentives to reduce carbon emissions. – only 2% of Ireland’s tree cover is natural forest. These monoculture forests have had a devastating impact on Ireland’s environment in terms of soil acidification, loss of biodiversity and river pollution.


Mossy Earth aims at:

- Contributing significantly to the 30,000 trees required to reforest this mystical corner of Ireland,

- Increasing the biodiversity of flora and fauna of the local area, including great spotted woodpecker, narrow-leaved helleborine, wood millet, red squirrels and Ireland's rarest native mammal, the pine marten,
- Showcasing to local farmers that agro-forestry can work,
- Helping salvage lost areas of natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Mossy Earth plants a variety of native Willow, Alder, Birch, Scots Pine, Rowan ‘mountain’ Ash, Holly, Blackthorn and sessile Oaks, that will not be sold or clear felled. The trees are planted for native forest restoration.  



Note: I am not an affiliate of Mossy Earth.



There is 15 % on 20 of my original paintings!

Local Art Exhibition
Events_local artist.jpg

Exhibition of my paintings

St Stephen Green in Dublin City Center.

If you are local to Co. Dublin, come meet me and 50 others fantastic artists! and choose the painting that will bring calm to your home!

My paintings will be lower in price.

​​Saturday 30th and Sunday 1rst of December