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Calm Space Event

During the Calm Space Event, we will talk together about the challenges of finding calm and relaxing and the journey to overcome them.
Fill this form to join the event and receive the Workbook.

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About me

I am Clémence Prosen. I am a creative entrepreneur, engineer, and calm life advocate.
I am the Creator of the Guide on How to Create a Calm Space and the Mini-Program of the same name.


I find Calm in my everyday

I have been struggling with stress and anxiety because of my full-time job. I find solace in my art and creating beauty inspired by nature and moments of life. Creating is a moment of mindfulness and a way for my mind to be present. Art helped me notice the calm and beauty around me in simple things of life and in nature.

I wish to help you find Calm

Every week, I have been sharing calming and mindful tips in my posts and website to help people around the world to forget their busyness and find serenity every day. But I realize that people needed more support and I want to go further with the Calm Space event and the Calm Space Tribe.

About the Event

The Calm Space Event will happen as follow:

- From the 1rst of September to the 12th of September: I will be sharing daily calming tips in the Calm Space Facebook Group and help you fill your Workbook.

- From the 12th of September (Mindfulness Day) to the 19th of September, there will be a series of workshops and lives in the group: I will go through the Challenges that we often face in finding calm and I will go through the Journey to a Calmer Life in detail.

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