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Smiling in the Winter's Sun - Oil Painting

Smiling in the Winter's Sun - Oil Painting


The title is inspired by this poem from Anne Bronte:

“Tis but the frost that clears the air,
And gives the sky that lovely blue;
They're smiling in a winter's sun,
Those evergreens of sombre hue.”


The Collection RENEWAL, made of 4 paintings, is about starting again, being true to yourself, not giving up, coming back to a goal, a project, with new eyes, and making it happen!

They are all inspired by the beautiful colours of the Irish East coast along the Irish Sea.


Deep Edge Cotton Canvas, 10"x 10", 25 cm x 25 cm

The edges are painted in yellow and the canvas  can be hung without a frame


You can visualise this painting virtually on your own wall through your phone. Download the Art Visualiser app, then click on the button and follow the instructions.



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