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Discover my paintings at the Signal Art Center

Here in Ireland, we had some very good weather, better than Ireland is used to, but this week, the rain is back! And what is best to do when it is raining? One of my favourite activity: going to an art exhibition! It turns out that I know one starting today!

The Signal Arts Center has its annual 7th Signal Open Exhibition, in Bray, co. Wicklow in Ireland. The icing on the cake is that two of my paintings have been selected and are exhibited there: “There is no Obstacle” and “Here and Now”, two paintings of my series "Take a Break". I am very excited about it, as the best experience for me, as an artist is to show my work to people and have a direct feedback and discussion on the feelings it gives to the viewers and the story behind the paintings.

The Exhibition starts on the 6th of August and ends on the 18th of August, with a official opening on Friday, the 9th of August from 7 to 9 pm.

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