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Press Release - Emerging Artist to Launch her Patreon page for an Art project celebrating Ireland

(Balbriggan, July 8th 2022)

On the 8th of July, French-born Irish artist, Clémence Prosen, launched her Patreon Page to help her bring to life her Art Project “In Awe of Nature”, celebrating Ireland’s natural beauty.

In April and May 2022, Prosen asked her community, across different social platforms, the following question:

Is there a specific spot or view in Ireland which makes you feel in awe of nature?

She received more than 1,200 answers. The Top 10 answers were: Cliffs of Moher, Giant's Causeway, Glendalough, Slieve League, Croagh Patrick & Clew Bay, Mourne Mountains, Inishmore & Dun Aengus, Slea Head near Dingle, Burren in co. Clare, Lady's View in co. Kerry. Her Art Project “In Awe of Nature” is to paint each of these places.

Clémence Prosen creates representational paintings in oils and in watercolours. She gets her inspiration from her walks in nature and has painted many locations along the Irish Sea. She advocates mindfulness and mental health by creating meaningful art through different connected media. She wishes to inspire you to live a calmer and more balanced life.

" I think [her] art is very inspirational and captures the essence of calm moments in life and nature. I am especially interested, being from Fingal and seeing local beauty spots represented in paintings, of a very high standard. These paintings really are special", said Christine, a collector of Clemence Prosen’s work, from Balrothery.

Artist Clémence Prosen wants now to expand her horizons and her new art project “In Awe of Nature” will bring her around Ireland.

“I started painting back in 2014, as a way to release stress, after head-aching days working in corporate toxic environments. Making art has become my reason to breathe and now my full-time job. The last 2 years, it has been complicated to show my work and meet with the community due to the pandemic. I am looking forward to travelling to these Irish breathtaking views, meeting people on location, chatting, feeling and painting these places which mean so much for so many and feeling in awe, feeling this silence, this solitude, this overwhelming feeling of awe.”

The project involves a budget of 10,000 EUR for car expenses, materials, accommodation, food, fees and overheads over the two years. After calculating her budget, she decided to launch a Patreon page to seek the support of her community. Patreon is a membership platform that helps creators and artists earn monthly revenue by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers or ‘patrons’. Prosen’s Patrons have the choice between 4 tiers of 5, 10, 20 and 30 EUR per month to support her art project. They have access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes, monthly gifts, special discounts, and early access to the paintings.

Prosen plans to travel to the locations chosen by her online community: 6 locations this year and 4 next year. However, the number of locations and the timeline will highly depend on the success of the Patreon page that she has launched this month. She will paint Plein Air (outdoors) from these locations on medium-sized canvases to take all the emotions in. She will also paint larger canvases from her studio inspired by her Plein Air paintings and feelings she brought back from her time at each location.

Artist Clémence Prosen wishes to organize an exhibition "In Awe of Nature" in 2023 or 2024 to show the body of work created from her art project.

Her Patron page is at


Clemence Prosen is a self-taught artist and surface pattern designer. After living and working in France, Singapore, and the Netherlands, she moved to Ireland in 2016. Her art developed quickly, inspired by the soothing Irish landscapes and the supportive art culture. She decided to develop her artistic practice, in parallel with her engineering job, and connect locally with artists and organizations to show her art online and offline. As of 2021, she focuses solely on her art and designs.

She exhibited her work at the Skerries Mills in 2019 and 2020. Then, she showed her paintings at the Group Exhibitions Signal Art Open 2019, People’s Art 2019, Culture Night Samelah – Le Cheile 2021, Art Source 2021, and the Red Stables in 2022, and she is most of the Sundays showing her work at Merrion Square (North/East). She will also be exhibiting at Malahide Castle, 12-14 August.


Where to see her work: Merrion Square North/East, on Sundays. Studio in Balbriggan, by appointment only.

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