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[QUIZ] What is your #1 Calming-Space Mistake?

Updated: May 4, 2021

Do you need more Calm Moments in your Life?

If so, are you frustrated not feeling calm and relaxed even in your home…

Hi! my name is Clémence Prosen and I am an artist-entrepreneur and a full-time engineer. I make art to create calm and peaceful moments in my busy days, and I wish to help you find calmness in your home and mind.

One of my collectors while describing my work wrote that my “art is very inspirational and captures the essence of calm moments in life and nature.”

My days can be very busy and stressful, juggling between my two jobs, the house, everything that needs to be organized, planned…

The past 5 years, I have moved from one place to another at least 4 times across Europe…

I know that it was a slow process to feel home. Each time, what made the biggest difference for my mind was when I finally had a little calm and bright space for myself, where I would sit and take a break, breathe and enjoy a moment. A comfy armchair, a blanket, a cuppa, a book, no clutter. Even if the rest of the house was full of boxes elsewhere and the to-do list was getting longer, when I had that space, everything was alright.

I was discussing with some friends of mine who found it very difficult to relax at home and had work-related stress and home-related stress. Especially this year, when home and work are sometimes in the same place.

So, I decided to talk to them about creating their own calm space away from the main traffic of the house.

As it worked for them, as much as it worked for me, I decided to share it with you too.

Which is exactly why I’m here today…

I recently put together a Quiz to find out what mistakes you make when creating a calming space in your home?

Thanks to the Quiz, we will find out what is the #1 mistake you make and how to overcome it.

Having a space at home away from the chaos is essential for our mind to feel calm.

If that’s something you’re interested in, just click the link below and take the quiz today:


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