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Staying relaxed and active at home

I have been staying home for 7 weeks now and I have tested a few activities to stay relaxed and active that I wanted to share with you:

- Yoga online classes, given by my yoga teacher Nadia Zorzetto, from Yoganamara Yoga studio. She is using Zoom and it is very great after a day working at the desk. There are classes every weekday at different times.

- Meditation on Zoom with Mindfulness Center Ireland

every day at 7am / 12pm / 9pm, and 3pm / 8pm / 5am (NewYork / Dublin / Sydney Time respectively) on weekdays; 12pm (Dublin Time) on weekends. CLICK HERE FOR MEDITATION

- Fitness with Joe on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR P.E.

- Nature Walks from your home. I walk back and forth in my living room listening to those sounds and looking at the video on my TV screen. It is very relaxing. CLICK HERE FOR VIRTUAL NATURE WALKS

You can visit Museums, Cities, on the website Visit. You can see the Louvres, Rome, Machu Pichu, and many more places!  CLICK HERE TO VISIT

And I made my own virtual art exhibition showing my paintings "Relaxing Air". CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Give it some time to load and go for a visit :) Let me know if you find it useful and reply to this e-mail to let me know other activities you practice while staying safely home.

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