Art Exhibition 'Breathe'

On this page, you are able to see virtually the Art Exhibition 'Breathe' which is held at the Red Stables in Dublin from March 21rst to March 27th.

‘Breathe’ features more than 15 oil paintings forming the centerpiece of the exhibition. They are windows to peaceful moments, reminders to pause, be present and enjoy every instant, in full serenity.


In addition to my original paintings, the exhibition is supported by my Art Prints, and my famous and popular Card Deck: ‘Calm Space’. A deck of 42 cards with calming and mindful tips. So helpful in these anxious times we are all living through!

Watch the video below for the full tour!


The Collection RENEWAL, made of 4 paintings, is about starting again, being true to yourself, not giving up, coming back to a goal, a project, with new eyes, and making it happen!