Relaxing Air (4).png

The past few weeks have been strange for all of us. Our lives have changed. We stay home, we stay safe, we keep others safe. 

Do you miss going for a long walk, going to a gallery, going to a museum? All those places where there are only you, large bright surrounding and human silence.

I  thought a lot about how to bring you to an art exhibition on your sofa. My home was too small to become an art gallery and to film my paintings hanging on my walls - not enough space and light. So I came up with the idea of creating a virtual art exhibition.

As we can not take some fresh air as often as we used to, I wanted to bring at least a moment of relaxing air to your home.

The gallery is going to load below. It might take a while depending on your internet.

You can follow the tour guide, by clicking on the > play button in the bottom middle. 

You can also visit the gallery on your own, with your mouse and placing the footsteps where you want to go. You can click on the paintings. It is very interactive!

If the gallery doesn't load below, or if you are on a mobile, scroll down to the video.

Have a good visit!

If the virtual exhibition doesn't load, play the video below instead.