A series of colourful watercolour paintings to remind you to be present, to let go of the busyness, like a bubble flying away, and bring calm to your mind, clarity in your emotions, happiness to your home.

The past few weeks, I have been blowing bubbles as a daily mindful exercise, taking a break while working from home. It is very soothing and relaxing. While observing the bubbles floating and flying in the air, reflecting lights and colours, I have been inspired to create this series of watercolour paintings.

Circles are symbols of happiness and emotions, and repetitive shapes are known to be relaxing to the mind. Painting these watercolours was as calming as blowing soap bubbles. The watercolour paint flows and merges. It is about letting go.

I hope that the watercolours will have the same effects on you every time you look at it on your wall. Each bubble is an emotion. They come and go, they merge, they flow.

The bubbles reminded me of little planets too. And I decided to name each painting, from a quote of The Little Prince.

I wish you to look at your bubbles or planets on your wall and feel the happiness in your life.