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A series of colourful watercolour paintings to remind you to be present, to let go of the busyness, like a bubble flying away, and bring calm to your mind, clarity in your emotions, happiness to your home.

The past few weeks, I have been blowing bubbles as a daily mindful exercise, taking a break while working from home. It is very soothing and relaxing. While observing the bubbles floating and flying in the air, reflecting lights and colours, I have been inspired to create this series of watercolour paintings.

Circles are symbols of happiness and emotions, and repetitive shapes are known to be relaxing to the mind. Painting these watercolours was as calming as blowing soap bubbles. The watercolour paint flows and merges. It is about letting go.

I hope that the watercolours will have the same effects on you every time you look at it on your wall. Each bubble is an emotion. They come and go, they merge, they flow.

The bubbles reminded me of little planets too. And I decided to name each painting, from a quote of The Little Prince.

I wish you to look at your bubbles or planets on your wall and feel the happiness in your life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

- Do you accept return? No, however, I organize video calls with my customers if they wish to see the piece before ordering. Please CLICK HERE and book a call with me if you wish to see a piece in particular. I can also send you more photos if you wish.

- On what support was the painting made? The watercolour was painted on 300g acid-free watercolour paper. This is important so that the painting doesn't decolour over time.


- How do you ship the painting? The watercolour will be sent by post in a thick envelope with a carboarded side and the message "not to bend" so that the mailman doesn't bend the envelop when inserting it in your mailbox. Due to the current situation, delays in the shipment can be expected. I ship internationally. The shipping cost is not included in the price.

- Is the piece framed? The Watercolour is shipped without frame. It can fit any standard frame.  The size is mentioned in the description of the painting.  When buying a frame, please buy one with real glass, so that the watercolour and its colours are well protected. If you wish me to frame the watercolour, please contact me HERE and we can look at options and costs.

- How can I be sure that my painting will suit my wall? For each painting, there is a link in the description called "Visualise on my wall". Click on the link and download the Visualise app. Set the wall-floor limit as indicated on the app, and then ,  point your phone in front of your wall. There, it is! You can virtually see my painting on your wall! Amazing!

If you are on a computer, scan the QR code in the photo gallery of the product and download the app on your phone.

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