A Collection of Paintings to bring calm to your home, to make you breathe and relax

About Me

I am a French-born artist living in Ireland. I am an oil painter and writer.

I wish to bring you into my world, to make you forget about your busy life, your stress, your anxiety and make you take a break, take a moment to reflect and escape through my art using different media and connecting them to create a story.

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Calming Paintings

Original Calming Paintings for your home, to soothe your mind when relaxing at home



Accessories printed (on Printful or Rebubble) with my Calming Art on it, at home or on the go


Create a Calm Space

Build a calm space, with my checklist on how to create a Calm Space in your Home, step-by-step

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a Moment of Art

be mindful by taking a break and focusing on your body, senses and feeling, with my MOMENT OF ART Exercise, that I share every Friday with my community,