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A Feeling of Pure Calm
A Moment of Art

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Art Prints

on fine art paper

Moments of Calm
inspired by nature & the simple things of life

to bring serenity to your mind and your home


Welcome to my Studio

I am an engineer, who decided to leave the corporate toxic world to do something that makes me happier.


I am a self-taught French-born Irish artist.


I create Moments of Calm through my Art. I am also a surface pattern designer, a coach, a educator and a writer.

I wish to make you forget about your busy life, to make you take a moment, find calm and serenity through the different forms of my art.

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Are you looking for a painting or a print for your beautiful home?

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Artwork Feature
Coming and Going


"Hello, Sea, Where are you going?"

"Oh, I am doing my daily run. 

Coming and going. 

I come, pet the rocks

for a while,

and I go,

leaving roads through the sand,

I will be back later.

Don't worry.

I will come when the sun

hits the castle you built,

I will always come back."

"Thank you, Sea."

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Oil Paintings

Irish Landscapes

Serene paintings to bring calm to your home 

Windows to moments of nature

" I think your art is very inspirational and captures the essence of calm moments in life and nature.  I am especially interested, being from Fingal and seeing local beauty spots represented in paintings, of a very high standard. These paintings really are special. "


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My Current Project is called 'In Awe of Nature'.

I will be painting the Top 10 Irish locations which make us feel in Awe of Nature!


Mindful Cards

Calm Space

I have created 42 mindful daily tips on cards, which art puzzles at the back

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My Calm Art Letter

Get my Checklist on Creating a Calm Space

VIP previews, Calming Tips,  

+ Messages from me to you.


Behind the Scenes

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  • November 29th to December 3rd: MART Christmas Market, Rathmines. Dublin

  • December 6th to 10th: MART Christmas Market, Rathmines. Dublin

  • December 11th - 17th: Art Exhibition - Pop-Up Shop "All is Calm" at the Red Stables, in Clontarf, Co. Dublin

  • December 19th to December 23rd: MART Christmas Market, Rathmines. Dublin

Where can you see my paintings and products:

  • ​Most Sundays: Merrion Square North (corner with East), Dublin, Contact me to confirm I will be there,

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