A Feeling of Pure Calm
A Moment of Art

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Art Prints

on fine art paper

Moments of Calm
inspired by nature & the simple things of life

to bring serenity to your mind and your home

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Artwork Feature
Finding My Way


Come with me on a walk down the path along the coast and sit with me looking at the horizon across the Irish Sea.

One of my favourite originals from the Collection Take a Break.



Capture a lasting memory of a place you love with a beautiful commissioned landscape.


Art Prints

 Prints of my paintings

and digital arts

on Premium Quality Paper 


Accessories, Homeware, Clothings

Printed products with my own Surface Pattern Designs inspired by the calm beauty of nature


Original Paintings

 Around the World 
and Here 

inspired by the calm beauty of nature,

a peaceful sight from the comfort of your home

" I think your art is very inspirational and captures the essence of calm moments in life and nature.  I am especially interested, being from Fingal and seeing local beauty spots represented in paintings, of a very high standard. These paintings really are special. "


Mindful Cards

Calm Space

42 mindful daily tips on cards + art puzzles



Your Moment
My Painting

Commission me to capture on canvas

your favourite place/moment for your home


Welcome to my Studio

I am a French-born Irish artist. I create Moments of Calm through my Fine Art (Oil and Watercolour Paintings). I am also a surface pattern designer and a writer.

I wish to make you forget about your busy life, to make you take a break, take a moment, find calm and serenity through my art.

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Behind the Scenes


Where can you see my paintings and products:


  • Art and Craft Shop at Ardgillan Castle, co. Dublin,

  • From May 2022, Sunday: Merrion Square North (corner with East), Dublin,

  • 12th-14th of August 2022: Exhibition 'Calm Space', Malahide Castle, co. Dublin,​​

  • 1rst-11th of September 2022: Exhibition, Red Stables, Dublin,

  • 9th-11th of September 2022: Love Your Home, Dublin - CANCELED

  • November 2022: Art Source, RDS, Dublin

  • 2023: Ideal Home, RDS, Dublin

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