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inspired by nature and the simple things of life

Clémence loves to collaborate and warmly welcomes new partnerships.

Meet the Artist

Hi! I am Clémence! 

I am so happy to see you here!

I am an artist, surface pattern designer and illustrator.

I create moments of calm inspired by nature and simple things of life, that create most of our sweetest memories!

My designs are made from drawings and many from watercolours.

I wish to collaborate with designers and companies to bring more calm and serenity into the world. 


I am introducing you below to my last 3 collections of surface pattern designs available for outright sale or art licensing contract.

Every pattern can be customized depending on your needs.

I welcome special commissions as well.

I work with interior designers to design special unique patterns for their customers' homes for wallpaper and homeware.

I also work with manufacturers of fabrics, wallpapers, homeware and stationery.

The Collections

This Collection is inspired by the gardens at Ardgillan Castle, co. Dublin (Ardgillan means High Wood). I have been fascinated by these beautiful gardens and the succession of flowers blossoming all years, one after each other, one getting the spotlight after the other. I have been walking serenely across these gardens, smelling, admiring each flower. And after all these years, I have dedicated this collection, to the beauty of nature at High Wood.


This Collection is in honour of my late father Emile, who passed away in 2021. While grieving, I have created these patterns to celebrate some of the things he likes and was passionate about, or to remind me of him: lemons, chicory, camomille and rosemary, honey, horses, Albatros, postcards, copper jars and plates, biking, ...


Bring Nature In is inspired by a bouquet of flowers that I had at home: roses, peonies, daisies, and thistles, ... This bouquet/collection is to bring nature with you on the go or in your home, to have the calm serenity of nature and its joyful colours anywhere with you

Breating In-01200.jpg

Contact me to discuss outright sales or licensing sale of my pattern or for a specific design that you wish for your fabrics or products.

Click here to Contact me.

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