I am a French-born artist living in Ireland. I am an oil painter and writer.

As a kid, I was often drawing characters with my sister. I was also separately writing stories. As an introvert, showing my emotions or expressing my thoughts orally was (and is still) not easy. Creating stories through my drawings and fictions was a way to express my feelings. However, when I entered high school, I abandoned art to concentrate on my studies, to get a job which would bring me a comfortable income, and at the time, art wasn’t part of the equation. Years passed and I made myself busy as a food sales engineer, living and working in different countries in Asia and Europe.


Nevertheless, living without making art didn’t make me happy. Going back to art, finding the time and courage was not easy. It took several years and several attempts before I finally could create again.


About Clémence

Creating art has always been for me a way to tell stories, to serenely express my thoughts and feelings to the external world.
When I make art, when I share my emotions, when I create a world of mine, I feel serene, I find comfort and stress release. Time moves forward without being noticed. Worries and anxiety just disappear.
I wish to bring you into my world, to make you forget about your busy life, your stress, your anxiety and make you take a break, take a moment to reflect and escape through my art.

My Mission

I aspire to create good-quality original oil paintings, to inspire emotions, thoughts, and bring special satisfaction to art buyers and collectors, to make them take a moment to reflect, escape and relax. I wish to build connection with galleries, local communities and online distribution channels to exhibit, sell and share my work consistently to the larger audience.

photo by Ray Watts

My Vision

I wish to inspire art buyers and collectors all over the world by creating meaningful art full-time, telling stories, expressing my views and feelings of the world around me through various connected media. I want to be able to create art through different media, which would connect different aspects of the same story, thoughts, and enable you to forget your busy life and enjoy moments of art through different media.

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