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About Me

I am a French-born Irish creative entrepreneur, a writer, an educator, and a calm-life advocate. I am a self-taught painter and surface pattern designer.


My art is inspired by the calming beauty of nature and the simple things of life. 


I help people all over the world to live a calmer life by creating peaceful art and sharing my mindful tips.

When I was a child, I was drawing with my sister Emilie a lot and, reading and writing as well on my own, creating stories. When growing up, we stopped drawing due to our studies.

I started working in the corporate world 15 years ago as an R&D Project Manager. Over the years, I felt how much my energy was drained on a daily basis by work, work drama, and tension, and how it was impacting my mental health daily, my personality, and my tranquillity.

On the ‘corporate train’, I realized that I didn’t take the time to look through the window at the beautiful landscape I was passing by and was not gaining anything personally to be on the train. I decided to take the time to sit and look through the window and sometimes to stop at stations on the way to look around, even if it meant I was going to take another train later - metaphorically.

In 2014, I started creating art regularly to find mindfulness and peace, after spending my days in toxic corporate environments, where I was working. I noticed how soothing my art was for my mind, my well-being, how calm I was when painting. 

I became a professional artist in 2018, while still working in my corporate job in parallel. As of 2021, I focus solely on my art practice.


I research mostly the impact of modern life and nature on our mental health. In every brushstroke, I express the calmness of mind with softness.
I look for subjects that bring me a feeling of calm, away from the stress of life.

I believe that my art is calming the mind by capturing moments of life, moments of nature and helps reset and reenergize.


My Vision

I wish to inspire you and people all over the world to live a calmer life and advocate well-being and mental health by creating meaningful art through different connected media.


My Core Values






My Mission

I want to make you forget your busyness, find more balance in your life, to feel calmer and less stressed. I create good-quality art pieces and develop different formats and mediums to reach and help as many people as possible.

I also build connections with partners, galleries, local communities and online distribution channels to exhibit, sell and share my work consistently to the larger audience.

photo by Ray Watts


" I think your art is very inspirational and captures the essence of calm moments in life and nature.  I am especially interested, being from Fingal and seeing local beauty spots represented in paintings, of a very high standard. These paintings really are special. "


"When I’ve travelled in the country, it’s quiet and peaceful. You feel as if you’re the only one with nature and beauty of your surroundings. There is a silence because the beauty overtakes you. A sort of solitude. In awe of nature. And I feel that with your painting."


Current Art Projects

With my project “In Awe of Nature”, I am looking at landscapes which create a feeling of awe of nature. After receiving 1,020 answers to my survey last April, I selected the 10 Irish locations which make people feel in awe of nature. I travel to the selected locations, where I connect to the landscape while painting en plein air. This project aims at making people think about their relationship to nature and life and how they can improve their well-being by connecting to nature.

My second project “A Journey Through Grief” will bring the viewer through a landscape divided into several paintings, each representing a stage of grief. Each stage will be connected to a piece of the landscape with a different tone and atmosphere. This project aims at bringing the viewer through their grief in a calm and relaxing way. The project will also involve an art piece in collaboration with the audience during the exhibition.

I wish my art to inspire people to live a calmer and more balanced life. I also build connections with partners, galleries, local and international communities and online distribution channels to exhibit and share my work consistently with a larger audience.


September 2022 - Franco-Irish Art Exhibition “Home and Abroad”, 1rst Edition,

Red Stables, St Anne’s Park, co. Dublin, Co-organised with Artist Rebecca Fitzsimons.

August 2022 - Solo Art Exhibition 'Calm Space', Malahide Castle Visitor Center, co. Dublin

August 2022 - Group Art Exhibition, 10th Annual Signal Open, Signal Art Center, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

July-August 2022 - Group Art Exhibition 'The Secret Garden', The Berkeley Gallery, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.

July 2022 - Louth Plein Air Festival.

June 2022 - Dublin Plein Air Festival.

March 2022 - Solo Art Exhibition 'Breathe', Red Stables, co. Dublin

Sept. 2021 - Sametah-Le Cheile, Group Art Exhibition, Culture Night Dublin, Ireland

Aug. 2021 - Art in the Open, Wexford, Ireland

July 2021 - Dublin Plein air Festival, Ireland

July 2020 - Dublin Plein Air Festival, Ireland

May 2020 - Virtual Exhibition "Relaxing Air", Online

Jan. 2020 - Solo Show "Take a Break II", Skerries Mills, Skerries, Ireland

Aug. 2019 - Group Art Exhibition, 7th Annual Signal Open, Signal Art Center, Bray, Ireland

June 2019 - Dublin Plein air Festival, Ireland

May 2019 - Solo Show "Take a Break", Skerries Mills, Skerries, Ireland

June 2018 - Dublin Plein air Festival, Ireland

2017Exhibition "Graines d’Artiste", Haute-Saône County House, France


Feb – Apr 2022, Crafting Business Program, TUS Midlands Midwest,  Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme, Crafting Europe                                   

Since 2014, Self-taught Painter

Since 2021, Self-taught Surface Pattern Designer



Anthology Magazine, #Issue 14, Autumn 2020                                                                                            

Fingal Independent, August 10th, 2022



Member of Visual Artist Ireland (Professional), since 2018

Member of DCCI (Design and Craft Council Ireland), since 2021

Member of the Interior Design Association, since 2022

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