About Clémence

I am a French-born artist-entrepreneur, a painter and a writer living in Ireland. I help people all over the world to live a calm life by selling my art and sharing my mindful tips.

When I was a child, I was drawing with my sister Emilie a lot and, reading and writing as well on my own, creating stories. When growing up, we stopped drawing due to our studies.

I started to work in the corporate world 15 years ago as a food engineer and developer. Over the years, I felt how much my energy was drained on a daily basis by work, work drama and tension, and how it was impacting my mental health daily, my personality and my tranquillity.

On the ‘corporate train’, I realized I didn’t take the time to look through the window at the beautiful landscape I was passing by and was not gaining anything personally to be on the train. I decided to take the time to sit and look through the window and sometimes to stop at stations on the way to look around, even if it meant I was going to take another train later - metaphorically.

It took many years before I had the courage to start making art again. I took classes to unblock my art and then other classes to learn the techniques. I started to paint regularly. I noticed how soothing my art is for my mind, how calm I am when painting. My paintings are celebrating the calm I feel, when walking across beautiful landscapes and when I was transferring nature on my canvases. I am calmer and happier when creating art. And I wish you to feel the same.

I believe that my art is calming the mind by capturing moments of life, moments of nature and helps reset and reenergize.

My Vision

I wish to inspire you and people all over the world to live a calmer life and advocate well-being and mental health by creating meaningful art through different connected media.


My Core Values

Balance     Calm     Respect     Togetherness     Openness

My Mission

I want to make you forget your busyness, find more balance in your life, to feel calmer and less stressed. I create good-quality art pieces and develop different formats and mediums to reach and help as many people as possible.

I also build connections with partners, galleries, local communities and online distribution channels to exhibit, sell and share my work consistently to the larger audience.

photo by Ray Watts


" I think your art is very inspirational and captures the essence of calm moments in life and nature.  I am especially interested, being from Fingal and seeing local beauty spots represented in paintings, of a very high standard. These paintings really are special. "