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Art Project:
In Awe of Nature

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to bring serenity to your mind and your home with paintings depicting Irish places that make you feel in Awe of Nature, feel in a deep connection with the beauty of nature.

The Steps
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Survey, Planning, Funding

Started in April 2022

In Progress



Started in July 2022



In 2023 or 2024

The Survey

In April and May 2022, I asked my community the following question:


Is there a specific spot or view in Ireland which made you feel in awe of nature? 


I received more than 1,200 answers. And I went through each of them. Here are the Top 10 answers:

Cliffs of Moher:  28%
Giant's Causeway:  10%
Glendalough:  4%

Slieve League:  3.1%
Croagh Patrick / Clew Bay:  2.7%
Mourne Mountains:  2.7%
Inishmore / Dun Aengus:  2.5%
Slea Head, Dingle:  2.4%
Burren, co. Clare:  2.4%
Lady's View, co. Kerry:  1.9%


My project is to travel to at least 6 of these locations and to paint Plein Air (=outdoors) from these locations on medium-sized canvases and then paint large canvases from my studios inspired by my Plein Air paintings.
I will then organize an exhibition "In Awe of Nature" in 2023 or 2024 to show this body of work.

This is a big project, and that requires a big budget, the most part being travel expenses and materials.

If you want to help me make this project a reality, you can support me every month for as little as EUR 5 per month, up to EUR 30 per month on my Patreon Page.

In exchange for your support, you will get access to exclusive content, video calls, perks, discount, early access, etc. All the perks are listed for each monthly pledge.

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Who I am

I am a French-born Irish artist. I create Moments of Calm through my Fine Art (Oil and Watercolour Paintings). I am also a surface pattern designer and a writer.

I wish to make you forget about your busy life, to make you take a break, take a moment, find calm and serenity through my art.


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