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My Selection

Explore different landscapes, sheep-scapes, garden-scapes, different palettes and colours, and different moods and sizes.

I hope you will enjoy them and find the one for your home.

Peaceful Travel

I love to discover new regions of Ireland from North to South, from West to East. I am always blown away by the breathtaking landscapes I came across.


Baa-baa-baa! And baa-baa! Baa!

The Secret Garden

I am fascinated by walled gardens and garden doors. They are like sanctuaries, where lives blossom and every day is different: new flowers, colours, and beauties. And the silence. Just the birds. And you, walking along the paths, enjoying the break.

Open Air

I joined two Painting Festival this year and we painted on location in Co. Dublin and Co. Louth.

Painting on location is a challenge but also a joy. Being in direct connection to nature in the open air, with the elements (not always friendly lol), and with fellow artists.

I hope these Irish paintings to be like windows to these serene moments of nature.

Click on a painting to learn more about it and to visualise it virtually on your wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the painting come with a frame?

These paintings are unframed. They come with a string and are ready to hang. You can then choose your own frame that way, that fits with your interior. If you need any help with framing and arranging your art, you can ask me any question, and I will help you.

Is the shipment cost included in the price?

Shipping is free in Ireland, but I ship internationally.

For international shipping, the rate varies with the weight and the country. This is automatically calculated at checkout.

How can I know if the painting will fit in my home?

In the Product Details of each painting, you can click on "VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL". Click and download the app art Visualiser on your phone, and follow the instructions: pin the wall-floor limit, and then, face the phone to your wall, you can see the painting virtually on your wall!

You can also book a call with me to discuss the painting and your space. Book below.

Design Ideas