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The Calm Space Tribe

A Community Group to support you every step of the way on your Journey with Calm

Joining the Tribe is available until the 25th of September.

To join, click on the button

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What the Calm Space Tribe is...

Finding calm can be challenging in a world where everything is changing so fast and can be stressful.

Do you feel you need more calm in your life, but you don't know how to start?

Have you tried different things, but nothing worked long-term?

The Calm Space Tribe is a group of people with the same goal as you, who will support you in your life Journey with Calm. It is not about a quick fix, it's about helping you being calm and having calm in your life every single day. It's about building a mental calm space.


The Journey with Calm is about committing to Calm every day. We will help you to assess your current situation and select tools and methods that you can use daily and follow your progress over time.

What will you get...

The Calm Space Tribe is a supportive online group where you get teaching, insight and support from me and guest experts.

Plus, guides and videos with tools and methods, access to all content 24/7 and a supportive community.

The Calm Space Tribe is a place to connect with people who has the same goal.

The guest speakers will be selected depending on the group's needs and the individual assessment and progress of each member.

Example of topics: 

mindfulness, decluttering, conditioning, nutrition, self-doubt, finding time, being guilt-free from taking the time, coping with change...

Who is the Calm Space Tribe for?

* You want to feel calmer
* Your want a more balanced life
* You want to be able to disengage with your wandering thoughts.
* You want to be more present​
* You want less stress in your life
* You want to be more resilient
* You want to feel good about doing what you want in life

Do you want to join the Tribe?

The Tribe is not currently open for submissions, but get on the waiting list for next time:

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What does being a Founder mean for you?

This is the first time I propose the Calm Space Tribe to my community.

When you join the Tribe, you will be part of the first lucky members of the Tribe, which means that you get more support, but also your feedback will be taken into account and your wishes will be implemented.

We will have more time to support you in your Journey with Calm.

You will also have access to a preferential price, which will be only available to Founding Members and will remain unchanged for the rest of your stay in your Tribe.

Bonuses !

Frequently Asked Questions

* How much time will it take up?

You can watch the content anytime anywhere when it suits you.

The live sessions with the guest speakers and with me will be recorded and available for you to watch at any given time.

Let me ask you something: how is being busy, doing everything, caring for everyone, having the mind making a to-do list at all times, worrying about the past, future, how is all that working for you? By being part of the Tribe, you will learn how to feel calmer, more confident and in control of your life. It will allow you to spend more time in the present and enjoying your life the way you really want it.

Thanks to being part of the Tribe, time won't be an issue for you anymore.

* How do I join the live sessions?

The live sessions take place on Zoom, a free online webinar service. The date and time will be announced before each session and you will receive an email invitation with the link to join. The recordings of all the lives will be sent to you and will be in the Group.

* What if I can't make the live sessions?

The recordings of all the lives, interviews and Q&As will be sent to you and posted in the Community.

* Is the Tribe on Facebook?

Yes, it is. Firstly, I chose to start with Facebook, because this is a free platform. And I didn't want to add any extra cost to your membership price. Secondly, in all the communities that I joined the past years, I found that the most interaction between people was on Facebook Community Groups. There was less interaction on Community outside Facebook because it means for the people in the group to have an additional app to check daily. I might change it in the future, but for now, the Tribe will be on Facebook.​

* Do I need to interact with other people?

How much you join in with the live sessions or in the community space is entirely up to you, there is no pressure or obligation to participate.

* Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership to the Tribe at any time in your Account. Your membership will run until the end of the time period you've paid and then it will expire. 

f you have a question that has not been answered, please email me at

More about me,

the creator of the Calm Space Tribe


My name is Clémence Prosen.

I am an engineer, creative entrepreneur and a calm life advocate. I am the creator of the online Calm Space Event in September 2021. I am also the creator of the Guide on How to Create a Calm Space in your Home and the Mini-Program of the same name.

I have had some tough moments in my life, due to work-related stress and grief.

It's when I started creating art that I found my moments of calm and release. But I realise that art was a way to be mindful and have the mind in the flow and focused on details of the simple things in life and nature. I discovered mindfulness with art and started to apply it to my everyday with my own mindful art-inspired exercise: a Moment of Art.

That is how I became more and more interested in ways to find calm.

I created a calm space in my home and helped others with my Guide on How to Create a Calm Space in their Home and my Mini-program of the same name.

But, while going through the program, I realise that there is so much more than building a physical Calm Space, but it was important to create a Mental Calm Space and commit to it every day. and I vow to myself to help others to find more calm in their mind.

I then organize the online event Calm Space and now I open the door to my membership the Calm Space Tribe, to support you every step of the way.

The Calm Space Tribe is where you can breathe surrounded by like-minded friends.

You’ll find what you're looking for – guidance, inspiration and practical and tools and methods to use and apply easily, a supportive community, to empower you to feel calmer and more in charge of your own life. 

Do you want to join the waiting list of the tribe?

The Calm Space Tribe is not a substitute for therapy. When worry is stopping you from basic functioning in daily life it may be advisable to speak to your GP, who can advise you.

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