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The Crannog's hut

The Crannog's hut


This Oil Painting was painted "Plein Air" (=outdoor) during the Wexford's Art in the Open Painting Festival.

At the Irish Heritage Park, I had a walk around discovering at every corner how people were leaving many many moons ago. I found this hut on a Crannog. The sign said that a Crannog was a home build in a middle of a lake or water area, often to find peace away from the rest of the village. I painted that hut thinking how amazing and smart people were, having transferred knowledge from generation to generation on how to build a home and find a way to build it on an island in the middle of a lake to recharge.


Oil painting on canvas board 12x12’’ - unframed



You can visualise this painting virtually on your own wall through your phone. Download the Art Visualiser app. Click on the button above and follow the instructions.

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