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The Emerging Rocks (framed)

The Emerging Rocks (framed)


This Oil Painting was painted "Plein Air" (=outdoor) during the Dublin Plein Air Festival. Tide after tide, years after years, these rocks emerges from the sea. Eventually, they will be gone in thousands of years. There are here now for us to enjoy and wonder what they have seen and their secrets.

I painted these rocks several times. Every year, I have a version of them. It was a sunny day, there was a regatta, laugh and deep shadow and multicolour sky, I wanted to be loose, I wanted to do something different, an experiment. I like the bright lights and the darker primary colours in the shadow.


Oil painting on canvas board 14'x10' or 35x25 cm.

It comes in a Frame (5 cm wide on each side)

International Shipping included



You can visualise this painting virtually on your own wall through your phone. Download the Art Visualiser app. Click on the button above and follow the instructions.

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