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Imagine a peaceful place in a City: there is not much noise, coming from the city. There is a sort of calm, that you always enjoy when walking through it. You would sometimes make a little detour just for the few seconds you could spend there, walking across it. There is a pond with ducks quietly swimming as the day ends. Tomorrow, anything can happen. Anything you hope for.


Part of the collection 'Around the World and Here', travelling from my studio through my paintings during lockdowns.

It is never about where. It is about how it makes you feel. It is not about the location. It is about emotion. It is about where you are transported in awe of what you see: every colour, every shadow, every light, each brushstroke. It could be just within the 2 km from home, it could be in another hemisphere, on the other side of the sea. It could be around the world or here. It is anywhere you feel it is. It is in your home, on your wall, a window to look through, to escape, to sit and relax, to enjoy the serene satisfying emotion, the here and now.


Oil painting on Deep Edge Canva (12''x12'' - 30 x30 cm), unframed with a string to hang it.

Inspired by the Buitenhof in Den Haag / The Hague



You can visualise this painting virtually on your own wall through your phone. Download the Art Visualiser app. Click on the button above and follow the instructions.


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