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Robin - Rapeseed Wax Candle 9cm

Robin - Rapeseed Wax Candle 9cm


To remember someone you lost, I have added a print of my painting of a Robin to Rapeseed Wax Candles.

I do not produce the candles but I have supplied sustainable candles and added the Robin on it.

No fragrance has been added.

The pillar candle in white is made in Germany from a mixture of 70% stearin and 30% rapeseed wax.Stearin is a very high quality wax that burns off slowly and evenly and emits less CO2. The pillar candle therefore also bears the RAL quality mark, which stands for freedom from harmful substances and safety when burning. This candle is a self-extinguishing pillar candle with an integrated wick holder. - The burning wick cannot tip over and goes out automatically after it burns down. In addition, the wick holder does not give off any heat downwards.

Height: approx 90mm

Diameter: approx. Ø60mm

Color: white

Burn time: approx. 25 hours

Material: stearin, rapeseed wax

weight: 0,5 kg

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