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Staying or Leaving (Framed)

Staying or Leaving (Framed)


Painting en Plein air, along Skerries Beach, Ireland“Staying or Leaving” is a plein air painting. The painting is a reflection on how just taking a break and looking at the peaceful seaside, we can clear our minds, calmly sit on a rock, look around us, and be able to make difficult decisions, such as staying where we are, or seeking changes, leaving. If we don’t breathe for a minute, we could continue blinded by the events around us. The boat and the seagulls on the rock represent staying and the other boat on the right follow the seagulls flying away to a new life.


Oil on Canvas with White Wooden Frame,

With the Frame: 50x40cm - 18"x14" (canvas 40.6x30.5cm – 16”x12”)



Download the app Art Visualiser on your phone, then click the button above on this page, it will open the app, and then follow the instructions if you want to see the painting virtually on your wall

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