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    Plein Air

In July, I joined the Dublin Plein Air Festival and I brought you with me at the different locations with a series of videos. I painted several paintings of nature that, I wish, will bring calm to your mind and to your home.

If you missed the videos, here is the full playlist.

Plein Air or En Plein Air means "outdoors" in French. And it is very common to use the words "plein air painting" when painting outdoors. It literally means "in full air". And it is like that, against the elements, we all took a big bowl of fresh air that week. We saw the sea, trees, great houses, boats, flowers and little rivers! And it was so soothing to the mind.

Now, I want to bring this fresh air into your home with my art, with the paintings I did that week!

Here are the paintings:

Getting to the outdoors and immerse yourself with nature is one way to stay mindful. It can have a positive impact on your well-being. However, it is not always possible for us to have a daily dose of plein air.


Studies show that looking at representation of nature, landscapes can also have an effect on our mental health. 

I wish my painting series Plein Air to be your daily dose of nature. Just a few minutes getting lost in them and escape the busyness of your day! 

Clémence Prosen in Malahide

Frequently Asked Questions:


Does the painting come with a frame?

There are two options:

- Unframed: I am sending you the painting unframed and you can frame it with your local framer. I can help you choose a frame. I can send you some examples through the app Art Visualiser, so you can see the painting in the frame virtually on your own wall. You can then go to your local framer and show him the photo, and ask him to produce the exact same frame.

In the Product Details, you can already see an example of a frame.

- Framed: If you want the painting to be ready-to-hang when you receive it, I can frame the painting and sending it framed to you. You have to select "Frame" when you order the painting. 

Is the shipment cost included in the price?

As I ship internationally, I can not have a single flat shipping rate that could be applied fairly to every destination. The rate varies with the weight and the country.

In the shop, the additional cost will appear at the end when you validate your order.

How can I know if the painting will fit in my home?

In the Product Details of each painting, you can click on "VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL". Click and download the app art Visualiser on your phone, and follow the instructions: pin the wall-floor limit, and then, face the phone to your wall, you can see the painting virtually on your wall!

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