The Region of Unfading Beauty

Where is the Region of Unfading Beauty?

I painted this series of paintings during the first lockdown. When we could not travel further than 2 km, I travelled through my phone, through the thousands of photos of my region that I took. I painted as a way to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of this region where I live. Beautiful Ireland! Whether it is sunny, grey or raining, there is an unconditional charm to the region of unfading beauty. From Blackrock to Skerries, from winter to summer.

I wish this series to remind you to bring calm to your mind, to make you get lost in the brushstrokes, the colours and for a moment feel serene. I wish this series to also make you wonder where your region of unfading beauty is. This particular place in your heart that stays beautiful to you whatever happens.

Click on the image to see more and visualise virtually the painting on your own wall.