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Around the World and Here

It is never about where. It is about how it makes you feel.

It is not about the location. It is about emotion.

It is about where you are transported in awe of what you see: every colour, every shadow, every light, each brushstroke.

It could be just within the 2 km from home, it could be in another hemisphere, on the other side of the sea. It could be around the world or here.

It is anywhere you feel it is.

It is in your home, on your wall, a window to look through, to escape, to sit and relax, to enjoy the serene satisfying emotion, the here and now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the painting come with a frame?

There are two options:

- Unframed: The canvas has deep edges which are painted. I am sending you the painting unframed. You can hang it unframed as it is or you can frame it with your local framer. I can help you choose a frame. I can send you some digital photos of examples of frames. You can then go to your local framer and show him the photo, and ask him to produce the exact same frame.

- Framed: The painting is already framed and sold framed. 

Is the shipment cost included in the price?

Shipping is free in Ireland, but I ship internationally.

For international shipping, the rate varies with the weight and the country. This is automatically calculated at checkout.

How can I know if the painting will fit in my home?

In the Product Details of each painting, you can click on "VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL". Click and download the app art Visualiser on your phone, and follow the instructions: pin the wall-floor limit, and then, face the phone to your wall, you can see the painting virtually on your wall!

You can also book a call with me to discuss the painting and your space. Book below.

Design Ideas


If you haven't found the perfect painting for your home in my Collections,

I can paint it for you. Your favourite place,

from your own photo, a place

that make your heart and mind

happy and calm

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