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You need support and help to set up your goals and execute them to reach your dreams and have a calmer and more satisfying life.

I can help you!

What is 'Blossom'?

'Blossom' is intended to help you look back on the year that has passed and calmly start to think about and plan the year that is coming up.

'Blossom' will help you to move serenely into 2022 and be ready to start your plan energized and motivated, by:

- looking back at the 12 months,

- reviewing your life balance and satisfaction, what you can control and what simply is,

- give you the tools to plan and execute your goals to reach your dreams.

'Blossom' is a workbook and video series to help you use the workbook. Click below if you haven't got the workbook yet.

Within the program 'Blossom', I also offer Coaching video Calls, where I will be your sponsor, supporting you every step of the way to use the workbook now and throughout the year to review your goals and actions steps.

What will you get...

The Coaching is done through Video Calls and Support Emails, based on the workbook.

The Calls are 30 min long during which I can help you with the workbook and setting and planning your goals, and we will discuss the actions that need to be done at the time of the call.

I will ask for some background information before the call, and you can share your notes on your workbook with me if you wish prior to the call.

I will also send you a reminder for specific actions that need to be done and answer any of your questions within the next 2 weeks after our call.

You can book as many Video Calls as you wish during the year. Usually, I advise having these accountability and support calls every month or at least every quarter, but that really depends on your goals and timelines.

Who is the 'Blossom' Coaching Calls for?

* You want to get support to reach your goals
* You want someone to encourage you without bias
* You want a more balanced life
* You want less stress in your life
* You want to feel good about doing what you want in life

Do you want to book a coaching call with me to blossom?