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A Simple Hello

A Simple Hello

PriceFrom €480.00

Step into the peaceful countryside with "A Simple Hello," a charming painting that captures a serene moment with a flock of sheep. In the foreground, two sheep take center stage—one gazes curiously at the viewer, creating an intimate connection, while the other grazes contentedly. 

Further down, a third sheep finds solace under the shade of a majestic tree, embodying a sense of calm and protection. In the background, two more sheep dot the landscape, completing the pastoral scene. 

Each brushstroke brings to life the textures of the wool and the tranquility of the setting, evoking a timeless sense of rural simplicity. The painting invites you to pause and appreciate the quiet beauty of nature's gentle creatures. Perfect for adding a touch of countryside charm to any space, this painting is a tribute to the serenity found in pastoral life.


Oil painting on Cotton Canvas with White Wooden Frame

With the Frame: 50x40cm - 18"x14" (canvas 40.6x30.5cm - 16"x12")

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