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by Clémence Prosen

ends on 24th of April

at 23:59 Irish time

  • Perfect artworks ​to bring peace and splendour into your home and enjoy it every day,

  • To connect you to meaningful moments,

  • Created with a calm, expressed in every brushstroke, to recreate the serenity of the Irish beauty,

  • A service that supports you every step of the way on how to choose and display your artworks

What you get:

40% off

You get 40% off on every Original Paintings, including the frames. 

No code needed:

Payment place available as well (contact me).                 

Free 'Calm Space'
Card Deck

42 cards with mindful tips in the front, and my paintings printed on the back to build up to 7 puzzles

Free consultation

Free Call (1 h or 2 x 1/2h) with me to discuss the painting(s) you purchased and where and how to place them in your Home

Seascapes and Landscapes

  • Click on the photo of the painting to learn more about a painting you like,

  • Eventually visualize it on your own wall virtually, by clicking on "Visualise on your wall". To virtually visualise the painting, you need to download the app called "Art Visualizer".

  • The Offer ends at 23:59 on the 24th of April.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the painting come with a frame?

Most of the paintings are already framed and sold framed.

However, some paintings are offered unframed and framed. You can choose what you'd prefer:

- Unframed: I am sending you the painting unframed and you can frame it with your local framer. I can help you choose a frame. I can send you some examples through the app Art Visualiser, so you can see the painting in the frame virtually on your own wall. You can then go to your local framer and show him the photo, and ask him to produce the exact same frame.

In the Product Details, you can already see an example of a frame.

- Framed: If you want the painting to be ready-to-hang when you receive it, I can frame the painting and sending it framed to you. You have to select "Frame" when you order the painting.

  • Is the shipment cost included in the price?

The shipment cost is not included and depends on the destination.

  • How can I know if the painting will fit in my home?

In the Product Details of each painting, you can click on "VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL".

1. Go on the APP Store on your mobile phone and download the app "ART VISUALISER".

2. If you are on the desktop, click on the button "VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL" on the painting page on my website. A window will open with a QR code. Go back to your phone, open the app on your phone, click on SCAN QR and hold the phone in front of the QR code on the desktop. Then go to step 4.

3. If you are on your phone, click the button "VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL", it will open the Art Visualiser app directly.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen of your phone: pin the line on the phone to the bottom of the wall you think the painting will go,

5. Face the phone to the wall, you see the painting virtually through the phone on your wall,

6. You can move the painting with your fingers on the phone screen and it moves on the wall.

During the Free Consultation, we will also discuss your space and how to place the painting in your available space.

  • Can I pay the paintings in 3-4 times instead of one full payment?

Yes, I can set up a payment plan for you. Send me a message through the "Contact Me" form, and I will set that up for you. No additional fee. The painting will be sent when the payment plan has been paid in full.


"I think the art is very inspirational and captures the essence of calm moments in life and nature. I am especially interested, being from Fingal and seeing local beauty spots represented in paintings, of a very high standard. These paintings really are special."


"When I’ve travelled in the country, it’s quiet and peaceful. You feel as if you’re the only one with nature and beauty of your surroundings. There is a silence because the beauty overtakes you. A sort of solitude. In awe of nature. And I feel that with your painting."



Hi! I am Artist Clémence Prosen, a French-born Irish artist!

I create Oil Paintings, Digital Art, prints and accessories inspired by nature and the tranquil moments of life!

My mission is to bring calm to your mind and your home, make you forget your busy life and enjoy a break, a pause, a "Moment of Art"!

Contact Me
if you have questions, if you need advice, want a payment plan

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