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My Months in Colour

The New Year is just around the corner, and I am very excited to introduce you to one of my new product, that will accompany you along the year 2021, a mindful activity to practice in your calming space:

A Day-Colouring Book - "My Months in Colour"

CLICK HERE to get your colouring book.

Mindfulness helps to focus on the present moment and to quiet your mind's chatter. Day-colouring is one mindful activity aiming to help your mental wellbeing. It can help to understand your thoughts and feelings.

To colour your days, you sit and relax. You look inside your heart and think of your feeling right now, then on the colour that is linked to your feeling. You take your pencil, marker or brush. Your mind then goes from your heart to your hand, the sensation of your pencil against the paper, the movements of your hands.

“It’s like taking a journey on a rainbow.”, said Isabelle, who tried the colouring book “My Months in Colour, that I created.

You concentrate on a single task, and it allows you to reset, even if colouring your day is a short break in your day. You can include this mindful activity during your macro break in your calming space, or at the end of the day before sleep or in the morning. It’s totally up to you.

Get yourself a day-colouring book, by clicking on the link here:


The printable PDF has 12 pages with 28 to 31 squares to colour. Every day, identify and colour your main feeling of the day.

When you add the Colouring Book to the cart and proceed to the purchase, you will receive a link to the printable PDF file in your e-mail box. Click on the link, save the file on your computer. Print the file and keep it in your calm space.

The book is being launched at an introduction price: € 9.90, instead of € 12.50 until the 30/12/2020. After that date, the printable PDF will still be available but at €12.50.


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