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Painting the Wonders of Giant's Causeway: The first Journey of my "In Awe in Nature" Project

In the heart of Northern Ireland lies an awe-inspiring place, where rugged cliffs meet the tumultuous sea and hexagonal columns rise like ancient sentinels from the earth.

This is Giant's Causeway, a natural wonder that has captured the imagination of artists and adventurers for centuries.

As part of my project "In Awe in Nature", I travelled to the Giant's Causeway in the Summer of 2022.

Join me as I recount my painting excursion to this breathtaking location and share the stories behind the canvases I created.

Exploring and deciding

As I set foot on the windswept shores of Giant's Causeway, I was immediately struck by the raw power and majesty of the landscape. Towering cliffs loomed overhead, the distinctive silhouette of the Camel rock formation, the hexagonal stones, formed by ancient volcanic activity.

After an evening walk, I decided to start painting a large view of the Causeway as painting near the stones would be too disturbing with the amount of people climbing them during the day.

If you wish to know more about this evening, watch the video below:

Capturing the Essence

The next morning, With my easel set up and my palette prepared, I began to translate the scene before me onto canvas. Each stroke of my brush was infused with the energy and vitality of the landscape, as I sought to capture the essence of Giant's Causeway in every line and hue.

As I was painting a little boy asked me about blacks, because the cliffs were mainly in shadows. I explained to him that there are many blacks, and sometimes they aren't blacks, but dark blues, dark greens, dark purples. He looked and could not see it. And I told him that the more you look, the more you see them. And he said he would look better, and he walked away with his dad, looking at the cliffs.

Here is the first painting:

A Palette of Possibilities

As the day wore on, I moved from one point to another, seeking out new perspectives and hidden gems to immortalize on canvas.

From the swirling patterns of the sea to the intricate details of the columns, each point of view of Giant's Causeway offered a wealth of inspiration for my artistic endeavours.

Here is the video of the second part of my journey:

While walking along the top of the cliffs, I found a nice little spot overlooking the Camel rock formation and set up my painting kit there.

As the sun began to sink, I reluctantly packed up my paints and brushes, knowing that my time at Giant's Causeway had come to an end. But not before taking a last walk along the cliffs, getting lost and taking many reference photos to bring to the studio. Yet, as I made my way back to civilization, I carried with me more than just memories – I carried pieces of Giant's Causeway captured on canvas, ready to share with the world.

Here is part 3 of my journey to the Giant's Causeway:


My journey to Giant's Causeway was a reminder of the power of nature. Through my paintings, I hope to share the magic of this remarkable place with others, inviting them to experience its beauty in their unique way. Giant's Causeway may be a wonder of the natural world, but for me, it will always be a canvas waiting to be painted.

And back to the studio, I kept painting.

Coming Soon: Second Journey to the Mourne Mountains!

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