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The Journey to Watercolour

I wanted to share with you how my new series of Watercolour Emotions came about.

As you may know, I am not only an artist, but I also work for the Food Industry in Product Development. I have been working from home for about 12 weeks now. At the beginning, I thought: no commute, more time! More time, more art! Yay!

However, this is not what quite happened at the beginning. After working for 8 hrs in my office/studio, it seemed that the last thing my mind wanted was to spend more hours in the same room, even to do what I love. Has it happened to you?

My mind needed rest to recharge and find inspiration again, so I gave it rest. In unpacked moving boxes in a corner of my apartment, I found bubble bottles. And I started to blow bubbles from my window on a regular basis.

Wonderful mindful exercise by the way! And in the process, the inspiration came back.

I wasn’t ready for a 50x60cm oil painting just yet! but I had watercolour materials that I bought to bring with me when I was travelling for my “food” job, to paint in the evening at the hotel. It was ideal for what I wanted to make: light, watery, flowing painting.

The watercolour paint is less controllable, it can flow and merge. It’s like the bubbles, as soon as they are created, they have their own lives, they follow the wind, they follow gravity, they swirl, they fly away and come back, they pop. Just like our emotions.

I wanted to let the colours flow and move the same way, freely. Each bubble, an emotion.

Circles are symbols of happiness and emotions, and repetitive shapes are known to be relaxing to the mind. Painting these watercolours was as calming as blowing soap bubbles. I hope that these watercolours will have the same effects on you every time you look at it on your wall. I wish you to look at your bubbles on your wall, reflect on your emotions and feel the happiness in your life.

CLICK HERE to see the entire collection !

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