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Tips on Home Decoration

When I questioned my community on what their main source of stress at home was, 11% answered: the lack of decoration knowledge.

Here I want to share with you a few tips:

  • From Floor to Ceiling

Rooms are a reflection of the outside world.

The soil is dark and the sky is light coming from above.

Do the same in a room: the floor must be darker than the walls and the ceiling is the lightest colour in the room.

  • Cool / Warm Colours:

Use warm colours in rooms facing North. You can use cooler colours in South-oriented rooms. Don’t obtrude natural light, or have a mirror on the opposite wall of the window if there are not enough lights coming from the outside.

  • Bring Nature In:

Add plants. If you don’t like plants, add easy to care plants to your room. The kind of plants that won’t die if you don’t water them for days…

  • Bring Art in

Add art pieces to your walls. Art pieces that you feel deeply connected to and bring the feeling that you want your home to make you feel.

A piece should not be wider than the furniture on top of which they hang. Ideally a ratio of 2/3.

If you look at Home & Interiors Magazine, you will find exceptions to these rules.

I wanted to share rules that won’t become untrendy next month.

For example, you can see that dark blue is very trendy, darker than the floor. But, this trend can be gone next month and it can be a very big mistake in small rooms or low ceiling rooms. It can make the room look smaller and darker than it is, especially the room doesn’t have good light from the windows. I would try to follow the rule of light colours and the rule of dark/light from floor to ceiling.

I am creating a guide on framing and art arranging that I will offer with each of my artworks.

I would love to know: What is your most single challenge when it comes to decorating your home?

And I will include solutions to these challenges in my guide.

Write in the comments below :)

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