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Why Art is more than Decoration

Adding art to your home is not just adding a decoration or bringing colour to a room. Here are a few reasons why art is important for you and your home.

Art brings life to a room. Our rooms are nowadays full of machines that for most of them bring stress.

A piece of art is an emotion, a feeling. It has a story. The artist’s story and your story, what links you to the piece. Every point, line, colour, brushstrokes can soothe the mind.

A piece of art is an emotion provider. The signal is always on and it never fails. The connection is there, always. Looking at art in your home can help you escape, take a moment to relax, to feel calm, serene. It’s a comfort.

When you choose a piece of art for your home, it is an expression of yourself. This art is a part of you, that you wish to have in front of you at home. People coming to your home will see you in the art you decided to surround yourself, and will understand the person you are through them.

Art is also inspiring. You follow artists on Instagram, Facebook, by e-mail. Why do you follow them? They are passionate, they love what they do, they bring beautiful art into the world, to which you connect on a deep emotional level. A memory, a feeling, a wish. All of this generated by the artist. And having their art on a daily basic in your home is a reminder of this good sensation and it makes you feel good and calm, and that’s what your body and mind needs.

Your home is you. You need to feel relaxed and happy in your space! Surrounding yourself with art you love will bring you comfort and joy where you spend a majority of your time.


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