We breathe more than 17,000 times per day. Due to stressful lifestyles, hours spent at a desk, on the couch, we tend to breathe incorrectly, we tend to breathe from the chest, instead of breathing from the abdomen. The high chest breathing can affect our nervous system’s responses to the stressors of our busy lives. It is like a vicious circle.


I have been focusing more and more on my breathing, focusing on how I breathe without control and with control, depending on the time and place. My goal is to help my body to feel more relaxed and also energized.

I noticed that the place where my breathing is at its best is while I am walking along the beach looking at the sea, focusing on the sound of the waves, the wind on my face, my steps one by one going forward, all my senses focused, breathing in and out.

The new collection “Breathe” is composed of relaxing and beautiful seascapes and is the outcome of my long walks and breathing exercises.  I wish this collection to bring to you the same level of relaxation that I found while walking along the sea and while painting them, with soft and colourful brushstrokes. I hope that when looking at my paintings, you will be reminded to breathe, and that you will see, hear, feel the sea, be transported with all your senses.


Take a Break, Breathe, Sense, Forget Your Busy Life, Enjoy a Moment of Art.