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An Irish Village
Past and Present

During the Plein Air Painting Festival, I painted 10 different paintings from different locations in co. Dublin and Co. Wexford.

When I put them all next to each other, I realized that I painted a seaside village and I called this series "An Irish Village". My kind of Irish Village (and yes, there is no pub in it LOL) with all the things that inspire me and make me think and feel every time I go for a walk.

I hope they will bring serenity to your home!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Does the painting come with a frame?

There are all sold framed and ready-to-hang

Is the shipment cost included in the price?

The Shipping is free in Ireland. For international shipping, cost will be added at checkout.

How can I know if the painting will fit in my home?

In the Product Details of each painting, you can click on "VISUALISE ON YOUR WALL". Click and download the app art Visualiser on your phone, and follow the instructions: pin the wall-floor limit, and then, face the phone to your wall, you can see the painting virtually on your wall!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question!

If you want to see a painting in particular by video call, you can book a video call with me by clicking the button below:

Behind the Scenes:
Plein Air Painting Festivals
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