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Dream Home Makeover and its limits

Last evening, I watched the DREAM HOME MAKEOVER series on Netflix. The series follows Shea McGee, a home designer, while she remodels rooms from different homes.

Something really struck me when the rooms were revealed at the end. What struck me was that when designing the room, not only the designer was choosing the main colours of the room, the furniture, the position of each item, but also all the accessories: the vase, the plant pot, the statues, framed prints, even the books, all little decoration that usually makes a room yours.

I realized that it would not be something I want someone to choose for me. I believe that accessories in our home are very private and should be items that we deeply are connected to on an emotional level.

If I look at my living room, I am not emotionally connected to the paint on my wall, to my carpet, to my bookshelf and that is fine with me. I am not emotionally connected to my sofa: I needed it to be comfortable, although, I must admit, the fact that the collection's name was “Amour” and the colour of the sofa was Sky, most probably played a role in my choice.

But every object, decor item on my console table, shelves, window border, prints or paintings on my walls are connected to an emotion, a nice moment in my life. And when I look at them, the memory, the connection soothes my mind. If someone had chosen them for me, it would not do anything for me at all. It would not be as calming.

I have rented many apartments and houses, before having my own place, and I always enjoy unfurnished places more than furnished places, because I was surrounded by my things, not someone else’s things.

What about you? Do you prefer to surround yourselves with items that are emotionally connected to you that you have chosen? Or would you let a home designer chose everything for you?


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