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Look up at the sky and enjoy a moment of Art

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

If you have been following me on Facebook and Instagram, you might have seen my many posts about taking a break and spending time to look around and focus your mind at the sky.

I have made it a habit to take a break from my computer, my canvas, to look through the windows and up at the sky, focusing my mind on the different colours, the constant changes and be in the moment.

Here are the many reasons I think looking at the sky can help you forgetting your busy life, taking a moment to be here and now:

· The sky is an immense changing piece of art with no boundaries

The sky is a natural piece of art. It is there. Blue, grey, purple, yellow, pink, orange, changing all the time, depending on the moment of the day, depending on the particles the light meets in the atmosphere, through the clouds. The sky is always changing just like life, and we all adapt to those changes.

· The sky has no term of conditions

It is the sunlight travelling through time and space, that makes the sky as it is, reaching your eyes, lightening your days, without anything in exchange, no money, no obligation, no rules, no promotion. Something we can not buy. Something we don’t have to buy because of trends. It is just there for us whenever we want to enjoy it.

· It is good for your eyes, to look in the distance

Spending too much time looking at screens can strain your eye muscles and lead to eyesight problems. There is a 20-20-20 rule that says that for every 20 minutes you spend on a computer, it is advised to take 20 seconds and glance at something 20 feet away to relax the eye muscles.

Look through the window to the horizon, to the sky to make your eye muscles work, adapt to the distance. Looking in the distance, then close, then in the distance, will help your eyes, but also your mind, your brain.

· The sky is always here and now

You can see the sky here and now. That sky won’t be the same later or anywhere else. It is here and now, in the present moment. When looking at the sky, take the opportunity to reconnect with your senses at that moment. When you look at the sky, what do you see, what do you smell, what do you taste, what do you feel?

Those are good reasons to start looking at the sky, aren’t they? Stop and stare at this beautiful sky outside; you will start really to appreciate the beneficial effects it will have on you. Don’t hesitate to let me know how you felt.

Take a break, Breathe, enjoy a moment of sky, just as I have been doing for many months now. I recently decided to capture those moments of sky on canvases, to mix those gorgeous colours and paint them, for you to enjoy as well. Twelve paintings, twelve moments of art will be available from the 20th of November (midday) in MY SHOP !

Stop and look at the sky to appreciate a moment of peace and release!

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