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My Exhibition Take a Break at the Skerries Mills

This exhibition intituled Take a Break is composed of a series of paintings to transport you to a relaxing place, to breathe and to leave your busy life behind. I wish to bring you into my world, to make you forget your negative thoughts, and make you take a break, take a moment to reflect and escape through my art.

The sea is the perfect place to take a pause and being rocked by the sound of the waves. Most of the paintings in this exhibition are seascapes inspired by the coast of County Fingal. A couple of paintings were inspired by the West Coast. There are also 3 still-lifes, sweet breaks bringing a feeling of cosiness, feeling home.

I am a French-born artist. When I am not painting, I also work as a scientist for the food industry. I live in Balbriggan. I fell in love with the coast of County Fingal, which is a great source of inspiration for my art.

Creating art has always been for me a way to tell stories, to serenely express my thoughts and feelings to the external world. Time moves forward without being noticed. These paintings are my stress release, my joy, my mindful moment of the week. I hope they can bring the same feelings to you and bring brightness and joy to your home.

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