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New Year, Calm Year

If you own my Calendar 2021, today is the time to find a space for it and discover the beautiful January painting "The Sun's Library", which is in the NY card above as well. I will tell you more about this painting.

Last year, I was reading the book “Midnight’s Library” by Matt Haig. The story is about a library between life and death with all the books telling the stories of Nora’s possible lives if she had made different choices. And she has to choose which one(s) she wants to live.

At the same time, I was finishing this painting of a colourful and jaw-dropping sunset and I decided to call it The Sun’s Library. When watching all these colours from the entire spectrum, we can relax, clear our head and see in each colour a story, a calm moment, a joy. Just here and now. What do you see in the orange? How does the purple make you feel? Here and now. Everything else goes away. The non-important, the non-urgent, the self-inflicted stress. No regret, no fear of the future. All goes away. Nothing is perfect. Perfect is nothing.

Every year, on the 1rst of January, people take new resolutions, we talk about “better version of ourselves”. You may have already received tons of e-mails about new-year challenges.

The only ‘challenge’ I will advise you to take is not a challenge, it’s just live this life without regrets and what-ifs, to take more time for yourself, to be happy with yourself as you are (not the supposed 2.0 version) and be present, to acknowledge how you feel, what you think and let it go. Just a few minutes per day will already have a big impact.


As you may know, if you need more support, I have already different tools to help you finding calm in your days:

* building a calm space, with my GUIDE Building a Calm Space in your Home,

* focusing on your body, senses and feeling, with:

- my MOMENT OF ART Exercise, that I also share every Friday,

- my DAY-COLOURING BOOK My Months in Colour.

* CALMING PAINTINGS for your home.

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