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Taking a Break

Things have been quite busy for me lately between my art job, my science job and my daily routine. And sometimes when things are busy, we forget to take a deserved break. Not taking any moment to relax and put our thoughts into pause mode, chasing negative thoughts during the day can lead the mind to never recover from negative experiences and lead to chronic stress. Studies show that a simple 12-min break per day doing meditation has a beneficial effect on the mind and decrease stress. But sometimes even 12 minutes are difficult to place during our days. If you find it difficult, let’s not stress ourselves about time: small breaks here and there can also be beneficial. Just focusing on one point, one object for a minute, 2, 3, as many minutes as you wish to: you can start looking at the sky outside the window, focusing the mind on the different colours in the sky; looking at your mug, the reflections on your mug, the darks, the lights, look around, focus on something in your environment, let the thoughts come in and let them come out, breathing in and out. Let’s try to fit those little breaks into our days this week, and let me know how that makes you feel!

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